BlackBerry Wins Patent Infringement Case


Back in 2008, a MDM company called Mformation Technologies sued BlackBerry claiming infringement on a patent owned by them for a process for remotely managing devices over a wireless network. And BlackBerry lost. In 2012 a California court awarded Mformation Technologies a judgment in the amount of $147.2 million.

And BlackBerry appealed.

And the U.S. appeals court ruled Friday that BlackBerry did not infringe on any patents. A penny saved is a penny earned. And BlackBerry just saved $147.2 million.



Mformation Technologies


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  • jrohland

    Am I the only one feeling like 6 years is ludicrous? The legal system is hopeless.

    • mscloutier

      I agree, but apparently it’s the American way.

  • BB Racer !!

    Cash is good and debt you do not need to pay is even better !!

  • Blackjack

    Glad to hear that Blackberry has grown a pair of…backbones?


    Bet we won’t see this story plastered all over the press like the first one was.

    • Brad

      Too true!!

  • shanerredflag

    Great news indeed…thx.

  • ray689

    Good Stuff…thanks for the news.