BlackBerry Will Report Third Quarter Earnings on December 20

Another quarter ends, and we will know whether BlackBerry continues to show positive results.

On December 20, BlackBerry will report Q3 results for fiscal year 2019, the results will be published shortly before Thursday’s trading session on the New York Stock Exchange.

Of course, as in every BlackBerry quarter, there will be a conference session that you can subscribe to via the BlackBerry website – click here to sign up.

In the current quarter BlackBerry will report the acquisition of Cylance before the end of the quarter (early December) and it will be interesting to see whether Blackberry will show positive results once more, given that its share has fallen below $ 8 since last quarter.

According to some reports, Blackberry is expected to report a revenue of $ 200 million, consisting of $52 million in the technology division, revenue from the organizational division of $99 million, and revenue from IP and other products at $56 million, with a profit of $ 0.2 per share.

The question of whether BlackBerry can show better results and what will be the share of Radar and QNX in profits and whether future BlackBerry transactions will be reported with new customers.

Of course, we will inform you of everything that is going on.


Roy Shpitalnik

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