BlackBerry Will Keep Engineers From Hardware-Design Team

Now this is interesting. In an interview with BNN, John Chen was talking about the outsourcing of the hardware-design team, when he got on the subject of layoffs and said this:

It will be people in the logistics and repair areas that may be affected. Engineers, we always need more,

BNN didn’t say which type of engineers Chen was talking about. Was he talking about hardware designers or firmware engineers ? We don’t know. But it does make you think about what BlackBerry could be working on that would require engineers from the phone hardware design team.

My first thought was that those engineers will be working on designing IoT hardware that’s not currently on the market — if it was currently on the market, then I imagine BlackBerry would be outsourcing the designing of that as well. They could be used for hardware validation, which BlackBerry needs to do with the phones that are made by 3rd-parties. They could always end up developing software, perhaps in the QNX division.

What do you think ? Do you think BlackBerry is working on developing hardware that will not be phones ?


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