BlackBerry will Demo the Radar at ATA MCE

If you run a fleet and want to cut costs, you should be at MCE.

Between October 27th to 31th BlackBerry will demonstrate the BlackBerry Radar in Austin Texas at the MCE that’s run by the American Trucking Association.

BlackBerry informed us in the latest quarter results conference, that the Radar has gained traction from companies. The MCE in Austin is a good venue to show the Asset capabilities.

The reliable trailer, chassis, flatbed, container and equipment tracking solution developed with 30+ years of mobility, security and mission-critical software experience. BlackBerry Radar gives you the information you need, when you need it, to improve your fleet operations.

BlackBerry opened a dedicated page for you to register for live demo. You can check this page out .

You can also check the MCE 2018 page.

BlackBerry Radar seems to be the next product that BlackBerry will give a lot of focus in the coming months.

Roy Shpitalnik

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