BlackBerry – We’re Hiring!!!!


Today has been a good day for all BlackBerry enthusiasts with not only a better than expected earning report but the introduction of 2 new devices that have been rumoured for some time. With that said, its time to dispel some rumours that have been going around over the last week or two. Over at T4BB (not a typo, you can guess what it stands for), it was reported that another round of 2000 job cuts were coming. They stated that this news came from a very reputable source of theirs. This story wasn’t even discussed by any other source and not even mentioned today at the earning call or the AGM. There is a reason for that. Its because its not true. As you see in the tweet below, they are however sticking with their story.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 6.22.02 PM

Well sorry to burst your bubble but as reported today by Yahoo Finance, not only are the rounds of 4500 job cuts that were announced earlier in the year nearly complete, but BlackBerry is looking at hiring. As you cant see in the exert below, BlackBerry is on the comeback trail.

That growth could include new employees. Speaking with reporters following the annual general meeting, he confirmed the company is “at the very tail end” of the last major wave of 4,500 layoffs and is now starting to re-staff a number of areas within the company. Chen says he’s reached out to the University of Waterloo and other institutions worldwide to connect with co-op students and graduates for potential new roles.
“We’ll probably start modestly,” he said. “Probably a few hundred, and then go from there.”

So with that said, John Chen and BlackBerry are well on their way to stabilizing and being profitable. With that comes growth. 2000 job cuts is nothing to sneeze at and would certainly have been brought up today. A word of advise, check your source and when you are proven wrong do the right thing and retract your story.