BlackBerry Wants Your BB10 Wishlist


BlackBerry is asking users what features they want added to BB10.
BlackBerry is asking users what features they want added to BB10.

BlackBerry is once again asking you what features you would like to see them add to BB10.

They recently started a thread titled Feature Requests beyond BlackBerry OS10.3.1 in their support community forums, asking users to post their feature requests. As usual, they’re asking users to be brief and to state why you need that feature.

It’s great to see BlackBerry continuing to ask users what they want. And they do listen. Several of the features now in 10.3.2 were submitted by users via BlackBerry’s now-defunct site on

So take some time out to stop by the thread and submit your BB10 wishlist. Let’s all make BB10 even more awesome than it already is.


I’m programmer with 13 years experience, and a former electronics technician. My first BlackBerry was a Z10, and I’m now rocking a Passport.

  • I’m glad they’re still listening to users. was a great experiment. Too bad it was discontinued. The beta program is an offshoot but only for those in the program. Glad the BlackBerry forums have this option.

    • bartron

      You don’t have to be in the beta program to be able to submit feature requests. You just need to install BlackBerry’s Beta Zone app and submit your requests in the Discussions section.

  • I enjoyed BBRY’s icanmakeitbetter. BBM has really been getting better and better for consumers and business. Fun to watch it evolve.

    • bartron

      I agree. I just wish they would develop it quicker, especially Channels.

  • Anthony

    Did BlackBerry keep the stuff from icanmakeitbetter? I submitted many “wishlist” features. locco_smiley_11

    • bartron

      I don’t know, but I imagine they did. At least, I hope so. :-) I submitted over 60 ideas on their site. They implemented 2 of them, and marked another 2 as ‘under review’.

  • Anthony

    The number one thing I’d like to see in BB10 is a “global” recent items tab in the Hub; quickly open recent files, web pages, music, etc locco_smiley_11

    Also, better “flow” between apps. Eg. I’m in the native picture editor, I send the picture to another app (i.e “open in”), that app sends-back the picture when it’s finished…flow

    • bartron

      You mean once you’ve shared data with another app, BB10 should return you to the app that you shared from, instead of taking you to the home screen ? That’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time too.

      • Anthony

        No, I mean, for example, when I need several apps to edit a picture I don’t have to keep going back to “Pictures” or “File Manager” and open the latest edit. The third-party app would send the edited picture back to the previous app. Flow.

        Similar to apps like “Snap2Share” using the native BB10 editor to edit the picture right there.

        “edit the picture right there” via “open in”

        • bartron

          Oh, in that case I just keep sharing it. For example, let’s say I want to use Effetica Pro to adjust the exposure and crop, and then I want to use Painter to paint something on it, and then I want to go back and do some more editing in Effetica Pro. To accomplish that, I would use Open In or Share to load the photo in Effetica Pro, do my edits, use Share to open the edited photo in Painter, do my painting, use Share to open the painted photo in Effetica Pro again, do my edits, etc.

          I’ve run into problems with that workflow, but it appears to have been with the the paint app not supporting sharing properly.

          I’ve used that workflow to move a photo from Camera to Effetica Pro, to Painter, to Mock It and finally to BBM.

          • Anthony

            Sharing is excellent but it would also be handy to be able to send it back to the app that initiated the share, the way Snap2Share (or Camera++ etc) uses BB10’s native photo editor.

            Or at least if I share something to another app from BB10’s native photo editor it would come back with the new edits and I can resume using BB10’s native editor. locco_smiley_43

  • tdotkewlboi

    How about this company stop trying to remain relevant in handsets and forget about BB 10 ever being competitive in the mobile device market. That’s my wish. It’s killing the share price and in the 2 years since it was introduced it’s consistently lost market share. When is this company going to realize they can’t continue to play the same strategy they did in 2011?