BlackBerry Virtual Expert Updated in BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry Virtual Expert (BBVE) is a self guided diagnostic tool designed by BlackBerry to test out the hardware features on your BlackBerry. The results of the test can then be forwarded on to BlackBerry. It is available for all BlackBerry devices, in BlackBerry World for BB10 or Google Play Store for BlackBerry Android devices, although it is factory installed on all BlackBerry devices from new.

Today BBVE for BB10  received an update in BlackBerry World. Here is a bit of a rundown on this highly useful app.

Virtual Expert carriers out many tests on your device such as the screen, keyboard, speakers, camera, sensors, GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, connections etc.

You can view the Health status of your phone such as battery status, connections such as Wi-fi, and the storage both internally and on the SD card.

It is handy for checking out your keyboard keys individually and checking the keyboard swipe feature or even to see if you have any dead pixels on your screen.

Suspect your device has a faulty sensor? No problem, Virtual Expert has you covered here too with tests for Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Holster Gyroscope and Magnotometer tests available.


Suspect that you may have an issue with your Sim card slot? There is even a check for this.

As mentioned earlier, you can even forward the test results on to BlackBerry

This is a great app for determining if you have any issues with your device. Head over to BlackBerry World to get the update or if for some reason you have deleted it or don’t have it installed you can grab it HERE.

Let us know in the comments below if you have used it to test your device and if it was successful in determining any faults.