BlackBerry: Uphill struggle against media

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it… the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels Lies

This is so true about political propaganda that it has become next to impossible to decide about what’s the truth. The same issue extends to tech media and one of the ways to draw readers towards you is to spin negativity about a company. It rankles this author because the target is often BlackBerry – the preferred device that perfectly matches the systematic workflow for which the device adapts beautifully.

First the specifics. BlackBerry is definitely not “dying”, for God’s sake. It had a downturn, it created an ecosystem and that has taken time to stabilise. With Chen at the helm, it has transitioned to a software solutions company. Its crown jewel, QNX, remains one of the most reliable systems on the planet, designed and adapted for mission critical solutions; additionally, Mobile Device Management using BES12 remains the gold standard for security used in highly regulated industries.

Yet Katie Roof fails to understand what BlackBerry really stands for. This is partly understandable, when your entire career has been spent on writing about apps (which she fails to even mention are either backdoor conduits for NSA or are at the mercy of hackers. We have covered this extensively here). We can understand her cluelessness.

Media has a sense of fatalism when it comes to BlackBerry. There has to be a motivated agenda against BlackBerry for this sustained attack.

Katie reports here on Forbes about “7 key questions” which appears to be “trolling” instead of genuinely trying to understand where the company is moving ahead in the software solutions space.

Since taking over in November 2013, Chen has introduced cost-cutting measures while improving profitability, yet investors still aren’t convinced the progress is sustainable, with shares down 30% this year… Businesses, governments and hospitals will need to use its devices because of the superior security, the company claims.

The company makes a genuine claim about the device security and that is explained by the number of patents or its security certifications. It’s not a vacuous claim made by a company like Apple or Google, who claim to care for their users but whose actions speak to the contrary.

She “asks” about:

BlackBerry stock is down nearly 30% this year. What are investors missing about BlackBerry?

Katie has obviously not heard about stock market manipulation. I am not a domain expert but the news is bad enough. Katie, don’t you think you could have done your homework?

Further “trolling” Chen:

  •  It seems that BlackBerry is increasing its focus on enterprise right now. Is the consumer business still a priority?
  • Is it possible that BlackBerry would cease its handset business to focus on software?

We at UTB have repeated what Chen says. BlackBerry is not exiting the device business but “re-allocating resources”. This means that BlackBerry needs a high-end secured device to ensure that their services are complemented. Further, the consumer segment needs to be addressed as there are many who value the superlative experience of the BlackBerry 10 OS. Katie possibly has no idea about how much better the OS really is over and above the competition.

It’s amply clear that she wants to reinforce the negative stereotypes about BlackBerry and the last question is clearly aimed at that.

Could BlackBerry be acquired or would you consider a strategic partner?

Why? Why? Why?

Why is the media repeating this mantra like a chorus? Is there any rational explanation? It seems that Chen would be at pains to explain this at almost every forum or public appearance and rebut any further claims about BlackBerry being on the selling block!

This post is squarely focused on the media’s foibles. Chap has written a more objective write up here that details Chen’s responses versus Katie’s questions.


BlackBerry Forever!

  • Blackjack

    Maddening isn’t it? It’s as thought the media has been given this list of questions by the Apple/Google/NSA consortium to make BlackBerry look bad. Chen keeps answering the questions and the media keeps ignoring the answers. Good blog!

  • Anthony

    I read Katie Roof’s “7 questions” article. What is the big deal? John Chen answered 7 good questions. locco_smiley_31