BlackBerry Unveils Intelligent Transportation Management System

BlackBerry will launch SCMS, which will be responsible for connecting the smart vehicles to the Smart city

BlackBerry takes its operations, in the IoT and the vehicle world, many steps forward when it unveils a smart transportation system called Security Credential Management Service. This new system will be available free of charge for public offices and car manufacturers.

The system will be operated for the first time in the city of Ottawa, which is the home to one of the many offices of BlackBerry in Canada, meanwhile in the test mode and is part of the creation of the local Ottawa project.

The SCMS knows how to connect to different systems. For example, vehicles will be able to connect to the nearest traffic light and the traffic light will be able to prepare the vehicle so that the traffic lights will soon change to green.

In this move, Blackberry takes the IoT world forward and creates a platform that will connect the vehicles with the roads, and all the existing transportation system and make the systems smarter. All this is part of the Smart City plan from the BlackBerry side.


Roy Shpitalnik

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