BlackBerry Continues UEM Migration, Ending Support of BES10

Make the move to UEM.

BlackBerry announced at the end of last year, that its enterprise system had changed from the previously familiar BES to a new moniker, UEM. UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) is more descriptive and accurate when identifying BlackBerry’s new stake in the software and services market.

With this rebirth comes the departure of BES. Slowly, we will begin to see BlackBerry migrating users over to their next generation enterprise mobility strategy. A large part of that migration: ending support for the older enterprise infrastructures. UEM will ultimately absorb BES 12, however older EMMs will begin to fade away. Today, we were reminded that BlackBerry will end their support of BES10 on June 30, 2017.

This announcement was originally released in January of 2016, so it may not be a shock to many of you. However, if you still rely on BES10, it’s now a great time to upgrade to BlackBerry UEM. While it’s true that users can continue to utilize BES10 past it’s end of support date, the options to resolve issues and security safeguards diminish. With BlackBerry UEM, you not only get the support and safeguards, you will have access to next generation endpoint management.

A notification email sent out from BlackBerry offers the following on UEM’s functionality:

Our recommendation is that you consider an upgrade onto the BlackBerry UEM product (formerly BES12), which is the core of the newBlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite. BlackBerry UEM provides you with the cross-platform OS support (iOS, Android, KNOX, W10, OS-X, BB10, BBOS), numerous activation types (BYOD, COPE, COBO, etc.), comprehensive mobile application management, and effective unified IT management experience.

And don’t worry, if you’re a current customer you are eligible for a free upgrade! So, why wait!?

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Erica Davis

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