BlackBerry Secures Text and Voice from SS7 Vulnerabilities

BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE offer’s security from SS7 vulnerabilities.

SS7 (Signaling System 7) is the routing protocol used in cellular calls and text messaging. Developed in the 80’s, this is an extremely SS7 has multiple vulnerabilities which places user’s text and voice messaging at risk. This is by no means, a newly found risk, and malicious attacks have started occurring.

BlackBerry offer’s enterprise customers protection from SS7 attacks with their SecuSUITE product. BlackBerry took to the Inside BlackBerry Blog to explain their solution which can fully protect against this threat. In typical BlackBerry fashion, they understand that the solution needs to be simple for employees to ensure that the solution is used.

“For call encryption to be useful, it cannot interfere in any way with a phone conversation. The call quality and latency must be exactly as it would be with no encryption at all. And employees must never be forced to do additional legwork to encrypt their calls – the only thing they should have to do is dial a number.”

To read the full blog post from Inside BlackBerry, click here.

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