BlackBerry Teams With Girl Guides of Canada

BlackBerry is doing it’s part to help girls gain interest in STEM fields.

There will soon be a new Girl Guides badge, and this one will feature the BlackBerry logo. BlackBerry has teamed up with Girl Guides of Canada to teach Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, and Rangers will soon be learning the basics of cybersecurity.

The girls will have various activities required to earn the badges. Younger girls shall make bracelets out of binary code, older girls will have to fix a corrupted website, and there will be an escape room in which they will use their newfound tech skills to get out.

“We want to offer the best that we can for our girls,” stated Jill Zalmanovits, CEO of Girl Guides Canada, “and in this case, the best was BlackBerry, so we’re very happy.”

This is the first time that Girl Guides have entered into such a partnership, and it is fitting that BlackBerry is paving the way.

Source: Yahoo News


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