BlackBerry Taps Lucky #13 For Their Next Hat Trick With ‘Enterprise Event’

Classics Never Die
Classics Never Die

Übergizmo is reporting that BlackBerry has scheduled an “Enterprise Event” for Monday, November 13 in San Francisco with CEO John Chen and “several top executives in attendance”.

Hmmm, sounds innocent enough, heh.

I’m going to go out on what I believe is a very sturdy limb and pronounce this the meat and potatoes follow-up to the Passport launch on September 24, when Chen & Co will reveal the remaining BlackBerry goodies in their Tickle Trunk that we’ve all heard about for so long.

BlackBerry is definitely targeting enterprise to regain lost market share and stabilize the company but the September 24 launch had a decidedly ‘mainstream’ feel to it replete with humour, lots of craft for the underfed tech media and even a walk-on celebrity endorsement from Wayne Gretzky.

The Passport launch was to get everyone’s attention, and it worked.

This ‘soft’ launch will be more low-key and I think it’s a good bet we’ll see the official launch of BES 12 (on the day or a specific rollout date), BBM Meetings in action, the rollout of OS 10.3.1, an update to BBM and the launch of the BlackBerry Classic.  Übergizmo notes:

The Canadian manufacturer is fresh off the media hype surrounding its latest flagship smartphone, the unorthodox and unique-looking BlackBerry Passport. It has seen a good response for the new device in the market and now hopes to appease lost customers with the BlackBerry Classic.

BlackBerry Classic was shown off earlier this year. It harkens back to the Bold days with a full QWERTY keyboard and a function key belt. There’s a touchscreen as well so customers get the best of both worlds.

The company had said a few months back that this device would be released in November. It is possible that BlackBerry may choose to formally announce the release of the Classic at this event, since it hasn’t got another event scheduled between now and November 13th.

As we’ve seen already, John Chen’s not the type of person to lose the momentum – he knows he has to keep things moving along and ride the recent wave of positive media (and consumer) attention.

Of course, this is just a hunch, but I also find the date of the 13th very interesting.  Traditionally, in Western Culture it’s associated with bad luck (particularly Friday the 13th) but that’s not the case in all cultures.  In China, the pronunciation of numbers is as important the number itself and 13 is pronounced ‘Shi San’ which loosely translates as “Definitely Vibrant” or “Assured Growth”.

Assured growth, sounds good to me.  What do you think?  Are you ready for this?  Drop a comment below.

SOURCE: Übergizmo