In 2017 an announcement was issued relating to the extension for BlackBerry 10 device support. This was scheduled for a forthcoming end-of-life in 2019 and it seemed that BlackBerry would rather focus their efforts on their Android Operating System in the aftermath. Now a press release in BlackBerry Blogs has shifted the spectrum of sustenance for BlackBerry 10 & BBOS operators to relinquish the idea of any EOL for now. The company will continue to maintain critical infrastructure support for BlackBerry 10 and network access for BBOS past the known cut-off date of 2019. This is obviously delightful news for those of us who still operates on the BlackBerry 10 and BBOS software. There is nothing like the good old BlackBerry Mobile DNA!

Though starting from today, August1, 2019 two very popular services will no longer be deemed functional due to third-party decisions around these applications. For one, Twitter is shutting down the services on BlackBerry World. So BlackBerry 10 and BBOS Twitter applications will no longer be purposeful for there won’t be any new updates in the pipeline. Alternatively one may just login using your mobile browser, or one can download an APK (Android Package) support as BlackBerry 10 can successfully integrate with the majority of APKs on offer. Furthermore the third-party cloud service that support the “Full Assistance” in BlackBerry Assistant will dislodge and be turned off. Limited functionality in this application such as making a call, opening of applications, playing of music and device search will still be accessible…

Read the full announcement here.

In the closing notes by BlackBerry Blogs it reads:

“…We want to thank our loyal BBOS and BB10 users and appreciate the ongoing support”

Now we as BlackBerry loyalists want to say to our favourite mobile company:

“…We as loyal BBOS and BB10 users appreciate and want to thank BlackBerry for the ongoing support” 

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