BlackBerry/Nokia Patent Suit: A Little Detail

BlackBerry files patent infringement over Nokia’s use of 3GPP networking

Our favourite Canadian technology company today filed a suit against Finnish mobile giant Nokia. The suit alleges Nokia’s use of network technology infringes on 11 patents owned by BlackBerry.

The suit was filed in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. It states that the patent-infringing products and services are supplied to a number of companies including T-Mobile and AT&T, where they are used in LTE networks.

Nokia has persisted in encouraging the use of the standard-compliant products without a license from BlackBerry, the complaint says.

“BlackBerry seeks to obtain recompense for Nokia’s unauthorized use of BlackBerry’s patented technology.”

Unfortunately for Nokia, they have proved their knowledge of the ownership of the patents, as they have been cited in some of Nokia’s own patent applications.

Some of the 11 patents in question were once owned by Nortel Networks Corp., and in fact Nokia once tried to purchase them as part of a failed bid for Nortel.

BlackBerry was part of a collection of companies known as Rockstar Consortium. The consortium included such other corporate giants as Apple and Microsoft. Rockstar Consortium purchased Nortel’s patents out of bankruptcy in 2011.

BlackBerry contends that since the patents form part of the 3GPP standard, they are not seeking to block the use of the software. Instead, BlackBerry wants to licence the technology under fair and reasonable terms.


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  • BlueTroll

    Fair and reasonable sounds… Fair and reasonable. Why do corporations have to be such dicks? Just pay what you should and move on.