My BlackBerry Story

Story time.

Here it is, everyone.  Been promising this for awhile, and finally able to deliver.

The choices we make as we purchase and use our daily devices have become an intensely personal decision to make. As BlackBerry users, we have more options available than any other brand, as we can choose form factor, design, keyboard, even OS. So, it’s always interesting to hear the different use cases and solutions people find.

Watch the video to hear about my journey through BlackBerry devices and my future plans to continue.


Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • Dave Matthews

    So many cracks!!! Love it!

    • Erica


    • CoryAllen78

      I love that too and it shows how a Blackberry device breaks and doesn’t break down, as I have heard the Blackberry industrial design team once say.

  • anthogag

    It was going well until you showed your Passport with the rounded corners…still shocking.

    • Erica

      How so?

      • anthogag

        The real Passport has square corners. Yours might be counterfeit.

        • Erica

          It’s real! I promise!

          • AnDrewiD

            Yeah, ATT made BlackBerry change the design to suit their aesthetics but then order less that 100K, maybe even less than 50K. :|

        • CoryAllen78

          I also confirm the AT&T story and was actually intrigued when they made the rounded corner decision. Another interesting tidbit, the positive UX findings with the AT&T Passport translated to the shape of the Passport SE with the larger chin, rounded bottom corners, and keyboard enhancements.

  • Roy shpitalnik

    Well made video, And interesting Story.

    • Erica

      Thanks, Roy!

  • Fahed Al Derbi

    Thanks Erica besides you have a unique and beautiful voice your personality is phenomenal thanks again for your nice video

    • Erica

      Thank you, Fahed.

  • andycorton

    I always liked Mobiles,and seen Blackberry’s in phones shop but didn’t like them. Then some years later I got my first Blackberry 8520 liked, but there was a app BBM I didn’t know how it worked or what to do. So not a Sony, for some reason I got another 8520 and got to finally know how to work the BBM. Then I moved to the 9780 which i liked got to load lots of themes, put music on and took many photos. My wife got the 9800 and I got to use most off the time, then she got a iPhone so she gave me the 9800. When that broke got another 9780 so had that for a year. But liked the 9700 so I got one, then i got to know how to put software on via the laptop even though it took a while to figure it out. Between have those Blackberry I got to know people added them on my BBM or followed on twitter. Over the years got learn how Blackberry device worked and I helped some people all over if they had any Blackberry issues. Then I ended going back to my 9780 had that for few years. The 9900 was launched and seen it in phone shop so had a play on it while I was in the shop and loved it so ended up saving to get the 9900. To this day the 9900 is my Favourite Blackberry.Then BB10 came out with all new designs, then the Z10 was due to be launched so I pre-ordered it and got it on launch day. New stuff to finding out how side load apps onto my Z10, I even would fix people’s Blackberry’s. while i had my Z10 I got a playbook. Then Blackberry was not like it was so i made hardest decision to leave Blackberry and so I got the iPhone 4 month later got the iPhone 4s had that for a while and now iv the iPhone 6. Now I’m strongly think of getting a Blackberry again, liked watching videos of the KEYone got talk to people I got on my BBM and added new people and watched few podcast so it got me in mood for Blackberry again. So what will be my next and new Blackberry could be Z10,Z3 ,Z30 leap or the passport not sure but which one I get I’m going to get a 9900. Thank you for reading my Blackberry history

    • Erica

      Thanks for sharing. Hope you find your way back to BlackBerry soon! It’s an exciting time to be a BlackBerry user.

      • andycorton

        I will trying to get a blackberry few years ago was easy. I’m looking at few but 2 are top of my list Leap and passport

  • CoryAllen78

    Thank you for your wonderful story and you are a wonderful story teller and I love how you connect your moments with certain Blackberry devices which is what I now do. I became a Blackberry fan when as a web designer I had to design for WAP browsers in 1999 but the people that could afford a Blackberry had one. I didn’t own one at the time and just watched from afar. Fast forward to 2004 and Virgin Mobile landed the Blackberry Curve 8530 which was going up against early generation Android devices on their network. I wanted that 8530 so bad but couldn’t afford the $299 price tag. Then Straight Talk and and T-Mobile got the Curve 9320 which was on store shelves and you could actually hold it. The 9320 ended up being my first Blackberry, even when all of my friends were getting the iPhone 3gs. I remember walking into T-Mobile to buy it and they showed me the Z10 and zipped around in BB10. I was intrigued but was laser focused on the 9320. That same day I left for a church retreat with Blackberry and instantly connected. I took pages of accurate notes and loved the QWERTY. I eventually made the switch to iPhone but always followed Blackberry. 2 years after BB10 and the Q10 launched, I could afford one and made the switch. Everything about that phone was perfect for me. From the intuitive gestures to the Hub, iPhone and Android couldn’t match the efficiency, productivity and professionalism. I then started following the Blackberry Industrial Design team, most notably Joseph Hofer and found his documentary on the Guild. I was hooked and loved his designs for the Bold 9900, Q10 and Passport even more! I now carry two phones as my primary drivers, The Q10 which I have managed to keep in mint condition, and an iPhone 5S mainly for budgeting and Bible reading apps. I rarely find myself picking up my iPhone for communications and always go straight to my Q10 BB10 Hub. I also use Blend as my email, calendar, and communications client on my Mackbook Pro and pray it keeps running since it is now end of life status. Blend and my Q10 make me feel so plugged-in and I rarely miss a beat like I do on my iPhone. I do have to admit, I feel lonely in Milwaukee Blackberry camp and do sometimes feel like I am trying to hold on to a has been even though it comes down to what works amazingly for me. I tried the Priv for a week and liked BB’s flavor of Android and the Hub was getting there, but it was too large for me and the keyboard was a little off. I may give the KEYone a try and am excited that the Blackberry family is coming back together rallying around UTBBlogs, Crackberry Kevin, and James Nieves. Thank you for sharing your stories and I love to contribute to the Blackberry family.

  • Richard Vickery

    I was using a BlackBerry until about 2007 when, because I use Fedora Linux and everything Google does is Linux – including Android – I made the switch. As I carried the Android around as the years passed, I became leery of the fact that Google uses you like chattel when searching on its sites, and I started making the connection of the possibility of gathering your location data. In 2011 I heard that BlackBerry10 came out and was curious of this new OS. I asked around about the OS and eventually jumped on it then considering I had 2 years left on a contract.

    After my Z10 contract ran out I picked up a black Passport. I loved the Z10 considering it consumed an enormous amount of power because words appear not above the letters as in a physical keyboard, rather within the letters, and it suggests up to five words or more. As the BlackBerry learns how you communicate, I no longer was typing, but swiping everything. It was awesome.

    I went from the Z10 to black Passport, and was really impressed, even though I lost the virtual keyboard. I carried this phone for a year, got it unlocked in the middle of that year – because I just needed experiences that I was missing, and got jealous of a BBM friend who got her phone directly from BlackBerry. Things that her browser could do that my Telus phone could not because Tellus is not quick to push out updates, suddenly I needed a BlackBerry directly from the factory.

    I will never go back to Android because I know how Google makes its money, and don’t know how many other apps follow an android user. I like the privacy and security of BB10 and think BlackBerry has higher standards than Google. BB10 makes you aware of sites that are not to be trusted and Android does not. I have never used a Dtek phone but am SURE that the security technology still lets Google use you with its Android tracking device.

    • Actually, Google’s Chrome browser does inform you of unsafe sites. Some third party browsers will as well.

      As far as privacy goes and giving me the tools to control it, I prefer BlackBerry Android. I explain it here. :)

      It’s awesome that you’re sticking with BB10, it’s an amazing OS, nothing in the world compares to it’s UI, BlackBerry Android is equally amazing in what BlackBerry has managed to do with Android.