My BlackBerry Story: I Choose BlackBerry

Let me first start out by saying that I AM PRO-BLACKBERRY FIRST. As in the company itself. I am not for any one operating system over the other that are currently being utilized on BlackBerry smartphones. This is not going to be an article where I bash one in favor of the other. Anyone looking for, or expecting that, PLEASE EXIT THIS ARTICLE, POSTHASTE. Also, I didn’t do a video like Roy and Erica , so I hope you all like to read, lol. I can get a bit wordy at times.  Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I shall begin:

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I was introduced to my first BlackBerry smartphone. I had been hearing great things about a business phone with an amazing physical keyboard, and me being no stranger to physical keyboards (I was an avid Nokia E Series user, dating back to the Nokia E90, as well other physical keyboard devices like Motorola’s Q Series, HTC’s physical keyboard Windows Mobile Series, and a few devices from Palm), I just had to see what this “BlackBerry” was all about. I am so happy that I did! My first BlackBerry Smartphone was from the 8800 Series. Proper email, that amazing physical keyboard….I was hooked! Now, being the smartphone enthusiast that I am, I literally had a plethora of devices between then and now, but I ALWAYS had a BlackBerry as well. My brother and a great friend of ours used to call that Two Phone Ballin’, since I always had my BlackBerry and another phone on my person at any given time. I had a plethora of Legacy BlackBerry OS smartphones after that, from the Curve Series, Bold Series, Torch Series, Pearl Series, Storm Series….even the awesome BlackBerry Flip Phone, the 9670 (I absolutely loved that phone!). Having a BlackBerry back then was such a high point in life! I thought it couldn’t get any better as far as smartphones go, and then BlackBerry went and made the best OS on the planet….BlackBerry 10.

I was an early adopter of BlackBerry 10. I got the Z10 as soon as it was available on T-Mobile. Day one. And I loved it! Still do! The gesture-based operating system was an absolute breath of fresh air! I’ve owned many BB10 handsets, including the Z10, Q10, Z30, Passport, and Classic. The Passport, of which I still own, is an amazing machine! BB10 as an operating system is absolutely mind-blowing! Here is an OS that allows the smartphone to excel at its primary function…being a communications device. Does BB10 suffer from a lack of support from the many app developers that build apps for the other, more popular platforms? Yes. But I have never been an app-driven individual. I’ve always preferred my devices to have the features built in. So I was absolutely fine with rocking my Passport as my primary device. And then came BlackBerry Secured Android.

Now, I get why BlackBerry went the Android route. It’s been discussed at length on a number of articles on a number of sites, so I will not go into detail about that here. But I understand that it was a business decision, first and foremost. But I still hated it….in the beginning. I decided that I couldn’t justifiably be against an OS that I actually never gave a chance to. After all, this was BlackBerry that we’re talking about, and if anyone can put out an amazing Android smartphone, BlackBerry can. So I went ahead and picked a PRIV a few weeks after it was released. I hated it. No way could this Android toting thing ever replace my Passport with the amazing BB10 OS. And then, something peculiar happened. BlackBerry starting releasing updates to the PRIV. First, it was monthly security patches. Then, the PRIV got updated to Android Marshmallow. First, through the Beta OS Program, and then the official update was pushed out. Along with that came more Security and BlackBerry app updates, and the PRIV began to win me over. BlackBerry had actually done what the biggest Android vendors couldn’t do, and that was make me enjoy using Android! Before I knew what happened, the PRIV had become my primary device, replacing my Passport.

Fast forward to the present, and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the BlackBerry Mercury! What a sweet looking smartphone! I can’t wait to get my hands on one! (Still looking to get my hands on a BlackBerry Passport SE!) However, something peculiar (there’s that word again) has happened…again. I began to miss my Passport. So much so, that I fired it up and began using it via wifi and hotspot connection. My mind has been re-blown! (Yes, I’m aware that’s not really a word, but it fits in well here). As I use my Passport more and more these last few weeks, I’ve realized that, for my user case, BB10 suits me just fine. Incredibly so. The most things that I do with my BlackBerry is make calls, send text and email messages, BBM, and web browsing. Everything else, including apps and taking pictures, takes a back seat to all of that.

So, am I now going to chuck my PRIV in the drawer, never to be used again? Heck no. I’m going to go back to being a Two Phone Baller, and use my Passport as my primary, and PRIV as my secondary, both on me at all times. I guess it helps that I have two phone lines to do so, but why only use one just the most awesome OS on the planet, BB10, when I can also use the other most awesome OS on the planet, BlackBerry Secured Android! You can’t go wrong with either one, so I choose to use them both. #iChooseBlackBerry  



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