BlackBerry Stock Owners Have Faith In The Company

Companies who own BlackBerry stock are showing faith in the company as we report that few of them increase their shares in company. In the report we can see Bank Norges bought 3,564,034 shares of BlackBerry and now they own 0.67% of BlackBerry.

More companies to increase their stocks are BNP who increased their shares by 0.4% as they bought 88,468 shares of BlackBerry. Capstone Management increased their shares to 12%, and more like Bank of Montreal and Beech Hill advisors they all bought more shares.

The successful turnaround made by BlackBerry with the leadership of Chen is now turning into growth and faith from the financial sector. And now the stock is believed to reach $20 in the long term, just 2 years ago analysts spoke about BlackBerry stock in terms of $7.5 tops with optimists saying they will reach $9.

With the latest decision to give BlackBerry $815 million after the dispute with Qualcomm, BlackBerry can take it to another level and use this money to invest in Cyber Security and the Automotive industry.

After a few years of uncertainty when it comes to financial status, BlackBerry is once again on the road to do great things without the fear of losing money.


Roy Shpitalnik

lived the life of a BlackBerry since 2009 so I was first exposed to 8900. With Israeli cellular world history, training and knowledge for more on BlackBerry, I decided to join the community. When the Media bash BlackBerry on regular basis i decided to Join BerryIL.COM. The true must be published. Contact me on Twitter : @SimpleBerryRoy