BlackBerry software pivot: Why is it working?

We have seen a fair bit of wrangling over BlackBerry’s software pivot. This has been a huge “transformation” for the company and now it’s on the path of profitability.

In simplistic terms, BlackBerry focused on software and exited out of hardware manufacturing. It has not shut down it’s plants; they will make the new wave of internet of things devices. They have highly secured version of Android, it’s intelligent layer of nifty user interface, BlackBerry HubPlus and BlackBerry keyboard. Barring Hub Plus, everything stays original to BlackBerry branded devices.

In enterprises, it’s rebranded and updated BlackBerry Enterprise Services to a unified end point console that manages every connected device in enterprises.

See a pattern? BlackBerry has become a software company which is going to license it’s secured solutions to different companies and earn license revenues.

This was unimaginable a year back when media was claiming that BlackBerry is “dead”. Now it says that it’s “profits beat expectations”! How can a “dead company” be “profitable”? Well, it wasn’t dead in the first place. The shares have definitely surged. (emphasis mine).

“BlackBerry reported better-than-expected adjusted earnings for the sixth straight quarter, as the smartphone pioneer’s shift to the higher-margin software business paid off, sending shares soaring more than 15 percent.”

So now, it gives a massive leverage to the company to eye wearables/ connected cars (via QNX)/ Internet of Things (IoT) and tablets. Yes! Tablets!! Anything that can be connected to Internet or requires secure software to run can license BlackBerry technology.

John Chen- The visionary!

Indeed, that is the future.

BlackBerry future!



BlackBerry Forever!

  • Alan

    Nicely written Stereotactic, and to the point. BlackBerry Forever!

  • Can’t wait until BlackBerry is strong enough that people generally agree that Chen completed the turnaround!

  • Mark A Bruvelaitis

    Very insightful. Great article, Stereotactic