BlackBerry Sells Nortel Patents Via Rockstar

BlackBerry Selling Patents Via Rockstar
Rockstar, a group formed by several mobile companies including BlackBerry, is selling more than 6000 patents.

Rockstar, a group of companies including BlackBerry, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Ericsson, has put its patents up for sale. The group was formed in 2011 to buy more than 6000 patents from Nortel, the telecommunications company that was going bankrupt.

After buying the patents, Rockstar went after companies who were infringing on the patents, including Samsung and Google. That drew criticism from many people, who called Rockstar a patent troll, even though the patents were apparently being used by the Rockstar companies.

2000 of those patents have been transferred to other companies, with Apple getting 1000 of those. The remaining 4000 patents are being sold to a holding company named RPX, who will allegedly license it to other companies.

This is quite interesting because it was reported a while ago that BlackBerry was going to put a team together to promote and license their patents, in an effort to increase their revenue.

Source: Business Insider


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