BlackBerry Introduces BlackBerry Secure

We have been talking about BlackBerry security  for a pretty long time. Always mentioning that with BlackBerry security  our IOT and EOT products will be more secure and autonomous cars can be safer to drive and all thanks to BlackBerry Secure.

We never talked about what is really BlackBerry Secure, what are the components of this Security offering by BlackBerry. Now BlackBerry have  released a short video that explains in bullets what BlackBerry Secure means, and how it can be of benefit for enterprises.

The BlackBerry Secure platform offers components that make the package the ultimate security solution for enterprises. BlackBerry solutions is already trusted by the most important industries like medical, government, automotive and logistics.

From reliable network to Real time OS that have Authentication mechanisms that keep your product secure, to secure messages with BBM and Secusmart. We all already know BlackBerry MDM solutions with BlackBerry UEM. BlackBerry supports all endpoints of OS in the market like BB10, iOS, Android and WP.

One of BlackBerry’s important products is Workspaces that allows the users to send and receive files from inside and outside the company while keeping security above all.

The latest offering from BlackBerry is the BBM SDK, that will keep companies in touch with clients, agents and anyone in the most secure way in the industry.

There are companies who offer some of the solutions, but no one offers the all complete package.

Watch the video below:

Roy Shpitalnik

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