BlackBerry Secure: They’re Finally Getting It

BlackBerry’s intentions are finally catching the attention of others.

“Expect to see BlackBerry’s name (and tech) on more devices” read the headline. The headline was at Engadget. Now, this didn’t strike me as news of course, but to see it at Engadget was, to me, a foreshadowing of things to come. BlackBerry Secure is finally getting attention outside of our little world of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Secure is not a new concept. We first heard it described by Marty Beard back in December when he made a special appearance on our UTB Blogcast. (watch it again here). Marty arrived the day after BlackBerry announced it’s new Enterprise of Things platform. During the chat, Marty described BlackBerry secure as a platform in which other makers could build their products off of, and do so securely. I keep thinking back to Marty’s example of seeing “BlackBerry Secure” just as we are so used to seeing “Intel Inside” today. And I’ve been waiting patiently for this idea to work it’s way into the minds of the general public. It appears I won’t be waiting much longer.

Engadget is a general tech site. Not a phone site. And it’s a site that I regularly check out. Their headlines are typical of the general tech site format. When BlackBerry makes the headlines, there will be a post about it there. But they by no means follow the intricacies of BlackBerry as BlackBerry centric blogsites (like UTB) do. Of course, BlackBerry made headlines this week with their earnings report beating all analysts projections, again. In reporting on this, Engadget discovered the not-so-secret idea of BlackBerry Secure. While reporting on John Chen’s discussion about licensing, Engadget writes, “The exec was careful not to promise anything, but it’s clear where the company is going. With connected devices spreading throughout homes and offices, it feels the BlackBerry name and technology still provides a level of comfort and security. Wherever those smart devices go, a BlackBerry-branded and powered device could follow.”

Yes, they’re finally getting it. The idea is finally getting out there, and that’s a good thing. While we haven’t really seen a product yet that lists BlackBerry Secure as a feature, we all know that it is only a matter of time. What is most important now, is that the consumer understand what that means. It means that this product, whatever that product may be, was built on the unparalleled security platform of BlackBerry.

source: Endgadget


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  • theCHIVERChance

    This is definitely a step in the right direction! First we need to plant the idea in people’s heads, and the most efficient way to do it is (the totally not sinister way) inception.