BlackBerry ‘schools’ MobileIron on definitions and more in its latest BBFactCheck.

BlackBerry fact check


Well, despite the wonderful distraction of having to keep pace with the unexpectedly high CONSUMER demand for the Passport, it’s nice to see BlackBerry’s eyes are still finely focused on Enterprise.  In today’s installment BlackBerry whips out the red sharpie again and schools (or PWNS?) MobileIron on the differences between an NOC (Network Operations Center) and a Data Center.  And takes a not so subtle jab at MobileIron’s sloppy writing.  Here’s a peek:

Today #BBFactCheck challenges MobileIron’s perception of the NOC – BlackBerry’s Network Operations Center, or the “mission control” of our infrastructure. The white paper could use some proofreading, but it’s the inaccuracies that we’re addressing now. MobileIron is ill-informed about the benefits and capabilities of our architecture, so we’ve picked up the red pen and made some edits to help set them straight.

One of my favourite things about the new BlackBerry has been the launch of the BlackBerry Fact Check.  It’s a simple, cheap, informative way for BlackBerry to counter the competition who seem hell bent on misleading consumers and enterprise about the company.  I think it’s been a great success:  BlackBerry have shown their teeth and it’s paying great dividends as you are seeing even media up their game in terms of accuracy when it comes to reporting BlackBerry in the news.

Anyway, if you’re into the field of MDM et al then head on over to Inside BlackBerry and take a look.  You can even download the whitepaper for easy sharing with your colleagues and friends (or your IT department!).  Keep it coming BlackBerry!





  • ray689

    #BBFactCheck has been very beneficial. BlackBerry is showing that they will no longer stand for lies and misinformation. Love it.

  • Azensun

    Mobile Iron, you’ve been SCHOOLED!

    I’m glad to see the implementation of #BBFactCheck. Counteriing inaccuracies with nothing but facts is an eloquent and professional way to address the junk floating around the interwebz.

    Well done, BlackBerry!

  • ital1

    This is an amazing idea on BlackBerry’s part; they are controlling the message on their terms and putting a stop to the deceptive tactics of their competitors, the tech media, and the media in general.

    • Gnomesane

      Exactly, and it costs them peanuts to do it. Someone talks smack, BlackBerry can rebut it, and people who support the platform can post links to the BlackBerry site in the comments where articles are misleading or incorrect.

  • BB Racer !!

    MobilIron hates this enterprise trend of BlackBerry Enterprise licenses: 800,000 to 1.2 Million , to 3.2 M enterprise licences …I think Mobil Iron is just a Hot Iron with Mobil Oil burning all over itself as BlackBerry BES sweetens like a Berry !

  • veeru789

    The thing is mobile iron keeps doing this. They think they can get away with it. Useless pricks