BlackBerry Announces Collaboration with Samsung will Grow

BlackBerry is building upon it’s already strong partnership with Samsung.

BlackBerry announced today that they will not only continue partnering with Samsung, but that partnership will grow. The duo is developing new strategies for a broad range deployment of secured device initiatives. Samsung originally began collaborating with BlackBerry in 2014 with Samsung Knox, BlackBerry SecuSUITE and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

Vito Giallorenzo, BlackBerry’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships explained the importance of building the scope of their secured endpoint management:

“Our clients will not compromise on security and are increasingly demanding integrated end-to-end solutions for digital transformation across their businesses.”

Today’s announcement shared details of how the partnership begins with a development plan to enhance solutions across Samsung’s diverse device portfolio. By including the phones, tablets, wearables, and DeX, Samsung’s mobile desktop experience, this helps make the Enterprise of Things more accessible to business consumers without compromising their valued security.

This collaboration has already yielded great results. BlackBerry offered a testimonial from Waterloo Regional Police.

Read the full release for more info and customer testimonials.


Erica Davis

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