BlackBerry to Reward Loyalty with a Trade-Up Program

A surprise commitment and trade-up program is on the way.

If you’re like me, it will probably come as a shock to realize that the last BB10 devices were manufactured in 2015. It seems like only yesterday that I was anxiously opening the box and finding my new BlackBerry Passport inside. BB10 was an amazing operating system, that made us all fans. Some of us have moved over to BlackBerry Android, and some of us are still getting stuff done on BB10. Surprisingly, some are even still boldly working on their BBOS devices.

In the world of mobile, these are extremely long periods of time to be using the same devices. It says a lot for the loyalty of those users, and says even more about the durability and reliability of those devices. But all good things must come to an end. Fortunately for those that love their devices, that time is not now.

But it can be if they choose.

BlackBerry has confirmed that they are rewarding the loyalty of those users still on these previous devices by committing to another two years of support for BB10 and BBOS users, although some services will be coming to an end sooner.

The BlackBerry World app store will be closing it’s doors on 12/31/2019. BlackBerry Travel will keep you moving until February 2018, abd the Playbook video calling service shall stop answering in March 2018. While this will surely come as a disappointment to users of those platforms, it’s amazing that BlackBerry has continued support for some of these services for so long, and even more amazing that they are promising another two years.

For those users that hear the call to move on to the newest BlackBerry devices, a surprise is on the way in the form of a trade-up program that will soon be offered by BlackBerry Mobile. While there are no details yet, we will soon see a “significant discount” offered to upgrade from BB10 and BBOS to the current Android powered BlackBerry offerings.

Many of us have suspected that the end was near, but I’m sure none of us expected BlackBerry to go to the extent they are by continuing support as they are. And trade-up programs for devices that are at this point at least 3 years old? That’s unheard of. With this news, I can safely say that BlackBerry has earned my loyalty.


Source: Inside BlackBerry


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