BlackBerry release New Survey results about Android users and Security

A new survey concerning Android users’ security habits has just released by BlackBerry through the official blog.

BlackBerry conducted this survey in April and 8000 people aged between 34 and 54 from the U.S responded. As you all know BlackBerry released the PRIV android-powered device last November and BlackBerry tries to understand Android users’ current behavior with security and privacy issues.

Those are the main results of the survey,

  • 50% of the users said that malware concerns them.
  • More than half (51%) said that personal data is their primary security “headache”, followed by 34% who said lost or stolen devices.
  • The lesser security concerns from android users are Email hacking (7%), Texts being read by a third party (4%) and criminals who listen to your calls (4%).
  • 53% ranks Security and privacy as most important.
  • The majority of users use PIN code (54%) or Passwords (41%) but only 50% think their smartphones are just “somewhat” secure.
  • Only 1 in 6 is aware of security updates.

It’s look like that Android users want to be secure but they don’t do enough to achieve it.

Read the full survey results in BlackBerry Blog


Roy Shpitalnik

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