BlackBerry receives positive news before a Quarterly Earnings Report?!?

All BlackBerry fans please take your seat or lay down – for the first time in a long time BlackBerry has received positive press before a Quarterly Earnings Report (QER)!!

Yes, it’s that time of year again- Wednesday morning (28 Sep) at 8am Eastern, BlackBerry will announce their Quarterly Earnings Report for 2nd Quarter 2017. It will be interesting if the debt restructuring will be addressed or held in reserve for the next call. Either way it was a brilliant move saving BlackBerry close to $50M per year ($50,000,000) in annual interest expenses. In addition, BlackBerry was identified as having 2 of the 5 most secure Android phones (BlackPhone has been hacked, Turing Phone is not available and has serious financial issues, and no one can affort the Solarin)

But the real kicker is that JPMorgan was positive on the restructuring move! Typically it’s all gloom and doom from the analysts in the weeks leading up to the QER. They even have a way of spinning positive news into a negative so this is truly historic. Let’s not forget that Apple sales are slowing, their Quality Control is almost non-existent, and this week the EU just fined them $14.5B for tax evasion. Android is having a rough go too with Google announcing it may can the Nexus phone and use a slightly different Android OS in the future.

So all in all we’re hoping for positive software numbers and solid handset numbers (Passport, Leap, PRIV, DTEK50, etc).

Why not use the comments to list off any other news you’d like to hear on the 28th







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