BlackBerry Reaffirms Committment to Hardware



Yes. BlackBerry is still committed to hardware. We should already know this, as BlackBerry has had to repeat this multiple times. However, it always seems media doesn’t want to take this as an answer, and BlackBerry needs to continue to repeat it.

During a recent roundtable interview at Mobile World Congress, BlackBerry COO Marty Beard and Chief Security Officer David Kleidermacher had to repeat this once again. In response to a question of if BlackBerry would be shifting it’s focus away from hardware,

“No, I think if you look at it, we have hardware solutions, we have software solutions and we have services. We’re bringing all that together based on what we talked about during this meeting…” said Beard. “It’s not a preference so much, it’s a demand from our customer base and an opportunity to grow revenue.”

Some more interesting information that came out from the interview;

  • BlackBerry still holds approximately 70 government certifications and approvals. Higher than any other OEM.
  • Ten out of ten of the largest global banks and law firms continue to utilize BlackBerry offerings.
  • The top five largest healthcare organizations, investment services, oil and gas companies utilize BlackBerry offerings.
  • Sixteen of the G20 governments also utilize BlackBerry’s offerings.

And for those BlackBerry 10 fans out there, these regulatory ties are still tied to BlackBerry 10 (and presumably still BlackBerry OS) phones. Of course, with BlackBerry’s cross platform strategy, BES12, and the arrival of the Priv, BlackBerry is able to offer their security offerings to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

As privacy and security continue to take the spotlight, and as Apple very publicly fights the federal government, BlackBerry is the clear leader.


Source: MobileSyrup


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  • veeru789

    Despite hearing it from the horses mouth, How long before another tech blog writes an article that BlackBerry is exiting hardware? Any bets?


    These bloggers can’t seem to find any end on their wishful thinking of BlackBerry exiting the hardware business. Obviously, somebody’s fanning the thought regardless of how many times BlackBerry is saying they are still committed to the hardware business.

    What I mean is, when you come to read each blog about BlackBerry’s “hardware exit”, you’ll read at the bottom end that there’s always the Android Samsung Knox alternative BS and of course the iOS crap that these bloggers always try to supplement to justify their story. Fairy tales obviously, which in a sheep’s mind is a true story. #facepalm


    The ‘BlackBerry is dead’ or the ‘BlackBerry about to abandon hardware’ stories are the old fall back stories, when the authors have nothing else to write about. It’s easy. It allows them to dump on someone. It makes them feel good because all the other blog writers agree and nod their heads in agreement.

    They are like Hillary followers. It doesn’t matter what she has done or that there are charges coming down the pipe for her illegal emails. Her followers just keep marching along. So it is with these Bloggers. Their phone of choice usually apple but also android has been shown to be inferior; has been shown to be a security nightmare; has been shown to be highly breakable; has been shown to have awful battery performance, but they ignore the facts and march along dutifully attacking the opposition, blind in their beliefs.

    The predictions that BlackBerry is dead or that they are leaving the hardware business have been around so long that they are becoming a joke. And maybe that is the best way to deal with it; just laugh and change he subject to battery life, breakability, security, ancient email app, multiple versions of the O.S. data theft . .. .. .. .

  • Anthony

    I’m definitely sticking with BB10. Everything else is a downgrade…and too boring locco_smiley_7

    A Windows 10 BlackBerry could be another step towards shuting-up the BB haters. BlackBerry is cross-platform and having BB10, Android, and Windows 10 offerings could be good.

    The concept, a BlackBerry device could run/install the OS you choose.

    • Anthony

      The square-screen Passport would be BB10 only. Windows and Android are made for long screens.

      Is Ubuntu good?