BlackBerry Radar Deal can change the Trucking industry

One hardware that BlackBerry still makes is Radar.

You might have heard about it and may have seen some news of  deals that BlackBerry has signed with various trucking companies. Now there’s rumors about a future deal that BlackBerry can strike with a big name company. What can this deal – if it happens – do for BlackBerry and the industry?

Lets start with BlackBerry. The company shifted to software but when you speak about BlackBerry IoT, you are actually talking about hardware. There already are Radar-type products in the trucking industry but we have never seen any with the capabilities of the Radar.

I work for a logistics and delivery company, and we use products that track our vehicles and trucks so we know where our carriers are and when they have stopped their vehicles. The Radar can do much more then that. Managers can maximize their employees’ work efficiency, they can tell if the drivers have an empty container so they can give them new itineraries and therefore earn more money with less expenditure.

BlackBerry can lead the industry of logistics and there is lot of money in this industry. In logistics, companies always look for new products that will help them reduce costs and Radar will do exactly that.


Radar is managed via a web page, so you can manage it and be updated from anywhere with a computer. You can embed it to your company app or web page with Radar’s API.

Radar is currently only available in North America and there is no official price tag for the product, however we hear that the service will cost $200 for the Radar device itself (per unit) and $10 for the service every month.

Read more about the Radar solution from BlackBerry.

Roy Shpitalnik

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