BlackBerry Radar Customer’s Results Better Than Planned

Canada Bread Co. has installed BlackBerry Radar and expect to see results even better than they hoped for.

A short time ago, BlackBerry introduced BlackBerry Radar. The fleet tracking Radar system entered a field that already had several companies offering similar solutions. But BlackBerry has brought their knowledge and skill in security and mobile smart devices into the game, instantly making them a strong player.

We have seen numerous companies sign on to Radar, but that is usually through press releases, and not often that we get an “outside” account of the services. A recent post to does just that.

In the blog post, the discussion is about trailers getting smarter. While the tractor market has moved along with modern technology, I’m sure even pushing that technology along, the trailers were left behind. That has now changed as BlackBerry and their competitors are focusing on offerings for trailer tracking.

The article mentions Philip Poulidis, a SVP at BlackBerry who told them that “BlackBerry Radar will result in an average of 7 to 10 percent increase in fleet efficiencies. This can include avoiding lost trailers, helping drivers find trailers in a large yard more quickly and helping drivers more accurately bill for detention time, the time they are stuck at docks waiting to load and unload.”

Canada Bread Co. has completed installing BlackBerry Radar across it’s fleet. The company’s senor manager of transportation, operations and assets informed that the company had originally hoped that Radar would allow them to reduce fleet size by 6%. “We will beat that for sure.” He thinks they will more likely be able to increase that number to 8%.

BlackBerry Radar, while seemingly outside of the wheelhouse in which we are used to seeing BlackBerry, is proving a very successful example of how BlackBerry technologies can touch our worlds outside if the smartphone world we grew so accustomed to.


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