BlackBerry QNX and Obigo Partner for In-Car Browser

Already the market leader in-car infotainment systems, BlackBerry QNX will be bringing a new browser offering with Obigo.

On the latest Inside BlackBerry blog,  John Wall, Senior Vice President and Head of QNX Software Systems, explains BlackBerry QNX’s new partnership with Obigo.

Obigo is a Korea based provider of mobile internest services and browser software. Obigo brings to the table a powerful Chrome Blink based HTML5 browser engine. BlackBerry QNX’s own HTML5 team will work closely with Obigo’s team to ensure the best user experience.
“Many automotive OEMs and Tier-1s still view open source HTML browsers as lightweight,” Obigo CEO David Hwang. “With almost two decades of browser experience on embedded systems, we have been working to change those perceptions with highly optimized technology that address open source browser performance issues. Working with BlackBerry QNX, we plan to develop a product that will boost interest in HTML5 technology for emerging in-vehicle applications and services.”

Once again, we are seeing BlackBerry’s current strategy in action. BlackBerry is providing the secure platform on which other offerings can grow. By focusing on, and ensuring this secure foundation, other’s can come in and focus on more consumer driven functionality. In this case, BlackBerry brings with it, the market leader in car infotainment and controls, and we see Obigo joining the list of partners which can then build on this platform. In the case of mobile phones, BlackBerry brings the most secure operating systems, and is now allowing partners to focus on creating the hardware for this software to grow. Not only is this strategy fiscally sound, it also allows for BlackBerry and partners to focus only on those items at which they excel, while bringing the customer the best final product.


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