BlackBerry Protect – Just Another Joy You Probably Forgot


Once upon a time in a land far away when you had your old BBOS device you may, or may not, have seen the screen above. It was introducing you to the joy that is BlackBerry Protect. Of course, when you upgraded to BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry brought this wonder of technology with them – and made it better.

No more did you have to ‘set anything up’, it was just there. The Link features were moved to, well… Link. And thank God – for more reasons than BlackBerry envisaged, as you will see…

BlackBerry Protect allows you to locate your phone on a map, wipe it, lock it or, and here’s the bit you’ll really like, make it make a right old racket. Why the latter? Let me introduce you to Mrs Bigglybobblyboo.

Mrs Biggly is, like many ladies (as opposed to men) a woman with few pockets. Where I have my Passport snugly tucked into my left front jeans pocket at all times, to the point that I notice if it is missing just for a few minutes, Mrs Biggly’s Classic could be anywhere. With 2 kids and no set pattern as to how she carries her phone. The poor thing could be in her jeans today, or not, so then phone goes in coat pocket, or left in car, or dumped in the kitchen as she typhoons through it on her way through the house or on the bed or bathroom as she chases Micro Biggly across the landing or it’s been slapped down in a rush as she gets Mini Biggly to school as she’s doing her hair…

Let’s put it this way, Mrs Biggly’s BlackBerry’s have ended up in some very weird and wonderful places (including when she literally ran her Z10 over as it had dropped out of her pocket and under her car).

On the good news front, you can see why Mrs Biggly needs a BlackBerry. Nothing else can take this sort of punishment without the need for a second mortgage. On the even more good news front – we have BlackBerry Protect.

Because, you see, BlackBerry made it with the possibility of theft in mind. Many were the stories of people confronting thieves once they’d tracked them down. All very dramatic, but this gem has a better use in our house in saving my sanity.

‘Where’s my phone?? For crying out loud, where the hell is it? I haven’t got time for this! I need to be at (insert place here) NOW!! And why are you messing about at the laptop??? HELP ME FIND IT!!!’

As she stomps off upstairs I enter her BlackBerry ID into BlackBerry Protect and within seconds from somewhere in the house you hear:

WHIZZ BANG CLUNK CLICK WHIZZ BANG CLUNK CLICK WHIZZ BANG CLUNK CLICK which gets louder and louder from the pocket of the coat she hung up earlier until she zooms past me, grabs it and then says – ‘ok smartarse. Thanks.’ The joy of marriage indeed. Ahhhh…

Here’s the extra fun bit. The one time I tried that and we didn’t hear a thing I was able to locate the phone on the map. It had fallen out of her pocket when she got out of the car and was sat on the road – poor thing.

If you have a BlackBerry 10 device then to access BlackBerry Protect you need to do literally NOTHING other than sign in to THIS LINK from a computer. Simple as that.

They even simplified it too!

Or if you’d like to keep searching for your phone on a morning when the husband/wife/kids/dog/cat/cockatoo has moved it (or if you just left it in the car, you numpty) feel free. It takes roughly 2 minutes to fire up a browser and find out where your phone is.

Which, believe it or not, feels like a lifesaver!


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.

  • jrohland

    Unfortunately, they dropped the cloud backup Protect used to have. Like Mrs Biggly, Mi Lady misplaces her Z30. I usually don’t need to use Protect but when I do, I open the browser on my Passport, sign in to her BBID and track down her Zed 3-oh. Occasionally, she picks me up from my frequent hikes. I like using the Protect location feature ( with her knowledge ) to track her location as she comes to get me. Protect is the shizzle!

  • fahedalderbi

    Thanks Bigglybobblyboo I also keep my BBID details and link in Password Keeper

  • fishlove73

    I’ve misplaced my bb10 devices quite a bit and have used it more frequently than I care to admit. It didn’t help when one of my devices was in the bottom of the river though…but other than that, worked great.

  • Anthony

    I used Protect to find my Passport once when it was moved to another location without my knowledge.

    It is great to simply search for BlackBerry Protect in any browser and then locate my device. Remember to clear the ‘foreign’ browser before you leave it!