BlackBerry Releases Privacy Shade for BlackBerry Android

BlackBerry keeps working on new apps for BlackBerry users, and Privacy Shade is the latest to join the family. The app is very simple and yet how didn’t we think of it sooner. With Privacy Shade you can block people from watching your screen while you use the device. With this solution you can hide things that you don’t want other to watch, like chats or images.

Privacy Shade features :

• Turn on Privacy Shade to control the visibility of sensitive content.
• View and send sensitive content while in the open without letting others around you see your private information.
• Use Privacy Shade to only expose the exact area you’re reading or typing in.
• Adjust the transparency of the shade to suit your environment.


Go to Google Play and download the app.

Roy Shpitalnik

lived the life of a BlackBerry since 2009 so I was first exposed to 8900. With Israeli cellular world history, training and knowledge for more on BlackBerry, I decided to join the community. When the Media bash BlackBerry on regular basis i decided to Join BerryIL.COM. The true must be published. Contact me on Twitter : @SimpleBerryRoy