BlackBerry Privacy Shade – a must have app!


Just when you think everything is locked down and in ship – shape BlackBerry rolls-out a new app or service taking our privacy and security to the next level. Privacy Shade is the latest offering from the group that always has security and privacy built into their DNA, BlackBerry.

According to Inside BlackBerry Help Blog,

you can block parts of your display so that other people can’t see it, allowing you to read your personal content at any time without worrying about people spying on you.

What a brilliant idea! In a meeting, while waiting in a line, or just about anywhere in public you can unlock your BlackBerry using Picture Password, enable Privacy Shade and check your emails, texts, or anything on your phone with the peace of mind that you are the only one who can view your screen. As Roy had previously written on 10 Mar, it is truly a wonderful app, both easy to use but with just the right amount of options. You can chose between a rectangular or circular viewing area. In addition, once Privacy View is loaded onto your ‘Precious’ it is extremely simple to toggle off or on by swiping down to expose your Taskbar.

The nice part is the ease and control you have over Privacy Shade which can be accessed in any of three different ways-

  • BlackBerry Privacy Shade can be assigned a Swipe Shortcut if you own a BlackBerry Android device (PRIV, DTEK 50/60)

  • If you own a BlackBerry DTEK 50/60, you can assign BlackBerry Privacy Shade to your Convenience Key

  • BlackBerry Privacy Shade can also be enabled through an optional dedicated notification in the notification tray on any Android device.

So don’t waste another minute and drop over to Google Play and download Privacy Shade here.

With BlackBerry’s new Privacy Screen there’s no more need to worry about Hall & Oates, Private Eyes or Rockwell’s, Sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me…


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