BlackBerry Priv, The Settings… Bluetooth

mono-kbluetoothd-2400pxHere’s the second installment of the Priv Settings walk through, and it’s all about Bluetooth!

Bluetooth was invented by Ericsson back in 1994. It is a wireless networking protocol that has a relatively short range. For that reason it is known as a “PAN” or Personal Area Network. These days a modern Bluetooth connection can reach up to about 80′ or approx 25 meters for connection to car stereos, headsets, speakers and other smartphones. Let’s dive in…



As Ray689 pointed out last time, you can get to your settings by swiping down from the top of your Priv with two fingers which brings you to the quick settings menu. As you can see, there is a Bluetooth icon there with a drop down arrow as well. Clicking on the icon toggles the Bluetooth radio on and off. Choosing to click on the drop down arrow lets you view a list of all the Bluetooth devices you have paired to and still have access to. Here’s my list…


As you can see I have paired with numerous devices. But Dave you say… How did you pair with a Budweiser? Is your phone alcoholic? Rest assured, it’s only a small Bluetooth speaker. You can also see that my Priv is attempting to connect to my Toyota. Not going to work because the car is off. In any case, clicking on any of those listed connections creates an immediate attempt to connect with that device.

Clicking on the “More Settings” at the bottom of that page takes you to the same place that you’d get to by using the standard settings icon and choosing Bluetooth. Here’s what you see…


So here we have the same list of devices we have paired to, but we also have settings icons next to each device, along with a list of devices on the bottom that are available to be paired with. Clicking on one of the “Available devices” is how you start the pairing process. This usually involves the exchange of a pin or password in order to afford a level of security before pairing.

The icons give an indicator as to what the device is capable of. Notice the difference between the Budweiser speaker and the Motorola Buds or the Toyota. They have a microphone where the Budweiser does not, so using the Budweiser during a phone call would mean the microphone being used is on the Priv, whereas the mic on the Motorola or Toyota would be used instead.

Clicking on a settings icon lets you view what services the device is capable of and also lets you modify the services as shown below.


As you can see, you are able to rename any of your connections. The car connection was named something like “Car Audio” before I renamed it. Clicking on one of the services will allow or deny it.

If you look at the top right of the screen you’ll see the usual 3 dot menu…


Refresh just re-scans your location for devices to pair with.

Rename this device allows you to name you handset so that others get a more personal name for pairing with you.

Show received files is a list of files that others have sent to your device via Bluetooth pairing with them, or that you have transferred to your device from your laptop etc.

Advanced gives you a list of the accounts that can be accessed by a paired device as you can see below. That’s how you can get messages to appear on an appropriately enabled car unit.


So there you have it… Speak up in the comments if I’ve missed something I should have covered!

Next up… Data Usage!


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