BlackBerry Priv keyboard shortcuts on BB10?

imageSo now that the Priv by BlackBerry has been released, some cool new features are being discovered. One of those features is the ability to add keyboard shortcuts using the physical keyboard. While this is nothing new to BlackBerry handsets, the Priv has the ability to possibly add more options than any previous BlackBerry device due to the fact the options are numerous and more customisable. Shortcuts are pre-loaded already but you also have the option of setting these up to your own requirements. The Priv also allows you to add two shortcuts per key, a long press shortcut and a short press shortcut. For example, you can add a shortcut for the browser app and assign it to a short press of the B key. You could also assign a long press of the B key to call one of your contacts, such as Brad on his mobile. This gives the ability of doubling your keyboard shortcuts.

In the settings menu, tap on the Keyboard shortcuts. Tap on Short press or Long press depending on which type of shortcut you want. Then you will be given options to choose such as Open app, Speed dial, Send message or All shortcuts. Once you have selected the desired shortcut it will automatically be saved. If you then return to the home screen you can test it out. You can also assign a shortcut to any given key by pressing the desired key while on the home screen.



Short press shortcuts are enabled by default, but these can be disabled if you wish by tapping the menu button on the home screen, select the Settings icon, select “Typing action” and there tap “Do nothing” and it will be disabled.

The idea of having short press and long press shortcuts is a fantastic addition to the Priv keyboard and one that I would like to see implemented on the BB10 devices. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below, or in our forum thread.