BlackBerry Priv is NOT Overpriced


We’ve all heard it. Pretty much the only thing left to bitch about the upcoming BlackBerry Priv smartphone is the price. Everywhere you go it’s being compared to this or that other Android unit, or an iPhone.

I’m sick of it.

So just for fun I went to my carrier’s website (Telus in Canada) to check out some pricing. I decided to use an iPhone 6s and a Samsung S6 Edge for comparison. This idiot made me do it.


Anyway, the Priv is expected to be priced at Telus for $799.00 CAD. That could possibly change but certainly falls in line with what both Rogers and Bell have stated.

The iPhone 6s comes out at a whopping $915.00. This device is ridiculously priced. It has a mere 16gb of storage so really what you are paying for is an oversized iPod with a phone app. I guess you get to visit pimple faced “Geniuses” at the Apple store if you cannot figure out how to use your app launcher. Lovely!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes in at a hefty $850.00 which is over $50 more than the Priv.

Hmmm… let’s see.

The Priv comes with 32gb of storage, same as the S6 Edge but twice as much as the iPhone. 16gb today is NOTHING.

The Priv comes with a SD card slot capable of reading up to 2tb cards (although 200gb is the max right now). Both the iPhone and the Samsung have no expandable storage. You are forced to the cloud which is much slower, rapes your data plan, and in Apple’s case can be costly.

The Priv has a real physical keyboard. This is the best keyboard input on planet earth. It allows a full screen to be viewed while typing a novel. On top of that it has capacitive touch just like the venerable Passport. Go ahead and use it to scroll on web pages, zoom in and out of maps etc, or flick word suggestions.

The Priv has a virtual keyboard too. This virtual keyboard is also second to none. Any Z10, Z3, Z30, or Leap user will tell you this. If you don’t like physical keyboards, who cares? You don’t have to slide the screen up to expose the delicious PKB if you don’t want to (even though I know you want to). It’s about choice!

The Priv has no need for a fingerprint scanner. Use picture password instead of giving your prints to Apple/Google and… NSA?

The Priv has your security at it’s heart. The OS is signed with the chipset to avoid rooting and the problems caused by that. The DTEK software is there to advise and notify you of possible intrusion. For enterprise users adding BES to the mix makes this device the most secure Android phone on the planet. Security second only to BB10 end to end.

The Priv comes with full NFC unlike the iPhone which can only muster a hobbled version for the failing Apple Pay.

The Priv comes with full Bluetooth and can be used for file transfer between numerous devices unlike the hobbled iPhone.

The Priv comes with the much vaunted Paratek antennae which acquires and holds onto your cell signal better than all competitors. This is business class people, not coach.

The Priv has Natural Sound. This is best in class audio quality for phone calls. Best in class noise cancellation for noisy environments as well.

The Priv has incredible audio. Given the fantastic Z30 and Passport heritage, would you expect anything less?

The Priv has a camera at 18mp. Much better than the competition.

I bet I missed something. Go ahead and let me know. Thing is the Priv beats the snot out of the competition for LESS money!

Deal with it Ashraf Eassa!


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