BlackBerry Priv Disappears from Shop BlackBerry

Limited quantities eventually run out.

It should come as no surprise when phone models built under the BlackBerry moniker begin to disappear from Shop BlackBerry. After all, BlackBerry is no longer in the phone hardware business. Future BlackBerry phones, such as the KEYone, the Aurora, and more will be coming from BlackBerry’s licensing partners. And while it may be no surprise, as a fan of the phones, it still hurts a bit when you see a phone disappear. It appears it is now the Priv’s turn.

The Priv has begun to disappear from the Shop BlackBerry stores. As of this writing, the Priv is no longer showing in the U.S., Canadian, French and European stores. The UK and German stores are still showing availability, but there’s no telling how long that will last.

The DTEK50 and DTEK60 are both currently on discount, with the warning that quantities are limited. If you’ve been wanting to purchase an unlocked BlackBerry DTEK50 or DTEK60 from Shop BlackBerry, you might want to hurry before they begin to disappear as well.



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  • Roy shpitalnik

    It’s two years phone.. No surprise they finished the Priv Stock

  • El personnage

    Maybe is by design because some people like me are waiting to see if indeed the Keyone is a 300$ CAD better phone before deciding to buy it instead of priv. What do you guys think?

    • Alan

      Depends what you use your phone for. If your prime objective is media as in movies, videos, and live streaming then the Priv will do a better job. On the other hand if you prefer a better physical keyboard, long lasting battery and a better camera the KEYONE will answer that call.

  • leverspro

    Hmmm, no way I’m giving up my Passport, but I need to upgrade my wife’s Note3. Will the DTEK 60 ship with 7.1?

  • It is bittersweet. I would love a spare Priv as a backup, but am not in the position to get one right now. Will have to check and see if Verizon has any.

  • Mark

    I bought 2 @$399 from Blackberry Canada.1 for me and the other for my son. I left a Black passport as a my daily driver since the week it was released.

    I thought I would never say this but I am enjoying this Phone no regrets.

  • anthogag

    It was also sad to see the Passport gone from shopblackberry.

    There is still a link to Amazon for the Passport. A Silver Edition Passport is currently available on Amazon for $67,000 if anyone is interested. I’ll sell you my Passport for $50,000.

    TCL is making BlackDroids. BlackBerry could continue to sell BB10 devices from shopblackberry.