BlackBerry Priv Battery Rocks!


OK, maybe the image is a little over the top. Whatever… That’s how you feel when it’s 11:00pm and you’re STILL running on your smartphone without going anywhere near an electrical outlet or a USB port on a PC.

I pulled the plug on my Priv at 7:15am this morning. I checked ridiculous amounts of BBM messages, emails, and twitter feeds when I got up. Leaving for work and taking a couple of calls got me to the office. My office is a busy place with meetings, calendar entries, more phone calls, BBM groups, OneNote entries, and numerous other tasks most of which can be tackled by my smartphone of choice. For the last 3 weeks it’s been the Priv.


As I type this I have been streaming music on Spotify to a Bluetooth speaker for the last 4 hours. Apparently I have 3 hours left. I like it.

But Dave you ask… How much screen on time (SOT) have you used? Here you go.


Of course as I type this the SOT is increasing as is my time left decreasing. Still though, you naysayers are either doing it wrong or you are full of bullstuff.

BlackBerry ROCKS!

Have a great day. Dave out!


Dave Matthews here. I'm a phone guy by trade supplying VOIP systems for business and industry. BlackBerry devices, playing PRS guitars in my band, golf, and RC flight are my current passions.