BlackBerry Priv: Another Long Term Review

I had previously written about BlackBerry Priv last year (in July 2016) and noted several issues that why it was the best mobility solution out there. Priv represents the best value for money. Still.

A number of things have changed (in terms of software) and how I slowly moved towards it.

  • Hub has seen a massive update. I can attach email signatures¬† and compose the email with formatting. The word selection has become more accurate. I have the dark theme (finally!) and signed up for the beta program as well.
  • BBM has seen massive overhaul. It has been licensed to Emtek and the menus have been re-organised. My channel (Privacy Central) has been featured as well. This means, I use some great apps to make it more productive. I recommend and use Firefox, and URL manager to shorten URL’s. This workflow helps me to find out relevant links for my channel and post them. I spend about half hour daily to keep my subscribers updated.
  • BBM enterprise has seen a huge update (they have opened up the SDK). I use this for close contacts and family since I continue to use BBM Protected.
  • I discovered shortcuts! Finally. BlackBerry has pioneered these shortcuts and they are an absolute delight to cut through the clutter. You’ll see them exclusively on BlackBerry handsets.
  • DTEK app also has seen updates. It remains critical to refine and define my privacy.
  • I am now using a VPN.
  • BlackBerry smartcase! I am totally loving this! This is the newest addition. (Check it out in our store!)
  • I have also explored other applications. Threema works great (by being a whatsapp replacement) and I have a growing network of contacts there as well.

Priv is a lovely device. In the past one year (ever since I have owned it), I haven’t seen any issues with it. No lagging. Indeed, the camera is rocking! Here are some recent pictures from my vacation.




BlackBerry Forever!

  • Rico G

    Fully agree! PRIV awesome device!