BlackBerry Priv: Why It Remains a Top Contender

Priv was the first foray by BlackBerry into Android and the last device made by BlackBerry. And yes, it crammed in all the engineering prowess that it could. From the camera to the capacitative keyboard and the awesome slider. Android world, besotted with featureless slabs, hasn’t seen anything like that one, ever. Neither we, as BlackBerry loyalists.

It’s been over one and half years of ownership and I personally feel that it’s important to highlight the key aspects of ownership experience over this period of time. This is because of two main reasons. One, the price has definitely fallen to a “mid-range” specification device tag (you are getting the flagship model). Secondly, the long term review exposes the true costs of ownership.

BlackBerry has been consistent with the updates and it has been highlighted several times here in these blogs. The updated 6.1 version is a marked improvement over the 5.1 that Priv shipped with originally. This means that the software chinks have been ironed out and the device is far more responsive.


The long term ownership experience centers on one aspect- battery life. How is that holding up? Well, it’s been pretty good. I discovered something. I use the device on full charge and then once the battery falls to about 90%, I charge it up partially to about 99% and then disconnect it. My daily usage involves tonnes of emails/ web browsing (using Firefox) chats (using BBM enterprise and Threema) with sharing of gifs, videos and pictures.

The battery easily lasts me throughout the work day. By night time, around 10, it is usually 40-45% of the original charge. Which is stellar. I am using 4G LTE as mobile network and switch to Wifi at home. The network stays consistent throughout the day with some phone calls thrown in.

In terms of value for money, Priv completes the circle. It has indeed become my daily driver and is worth every penny that you are going to spend on it. Infact, the verizon variant has fallen down to USD 259 recently on eBay. 

It is definitely cheaper in other geographies as well.

Priv is true value for money! Go for it!


BlackBerry Forever!

  • The_Alpha_Geek

    Great read! The PRIV is definitely still an amazing smartphone. I still use it as one of my dual-primary smartphones.

  • So true! I love this device! Love the OLED display. The capacitive PKB. The ample speakers. The excellent camera. The Marshmallow experience. The BlackBerry productivity suite of apps. The battery life. The SD card slot. The SlimPort. Etc. Really outstanding, BlackBerry!

  • Alan

    Nice. Although the Passport is my main driver, when it comes to the Priv’s screen and capacity for watching Live Tennis and Netflix the Priv Excels. It is truly an awesome experience. In this department the Passport doesn’t even come close in comparison. I love my Priv!