BlackBerry Press Release – New SecuSUITE for Enterprise app protects businesses from electronic eavesdropping




13 November, 2015


Dusseldorf, Germany


Just as Microsoft announced they will be offering secure cloud services from the UK, BlackBerry takes it one step further when they “announced the new voice encryption solution SecuSUITE for Enterprise that protects mobile calls with a maximum level of security and is a multi-OS offering to be used on iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry® 10 operating systems. The VoIP, software-based, cloud-hosted solution will be available through an annual licence and the monthly costs per user are low. The app will be available later this month for Android, BlackBerry 10 and iOS smartphones.

By using SecuSUITE for Enterprise, company employees will be able to conduct secure conversations worldwide and, if required, over a Wi-Fi connection only, and will also be able to send encrypted text messages of any length. Voice and text messages are encrypted with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on the individual device level, meaning that even when, for example, the other party cannot be reached, the message is stored on the receiver´s smartphone and only sent to the recipient when they are available. SecuSUITE for Enterprise comes with a user-friendly, cloud-based admin portal that enables administrators to enroll or deactivate users and adjust settings. Companies do not need to set up additional IT infrastructure to use the app to secure their communications.

The entire press release can be viewed here.



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