BlackBerry picks up Aecus Innovation award


On the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog today, BlackBerry announced that, in conjunction with UTS Global, the company has won a 2015 Aecus Innovation award for the telemedicine app showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress, which enables remote patient healthcare. For full details on the app and its functions, you can read BlackBerry’s full run-down (The Latest in Mobile Health: New Telemedicine App on BlackBerry Will Allow Remote Patient Monitoring).

The telemedicine app was developed for the Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai, India and allows patients to access both affordable treatment and qualified doctors, without the need for them to travel to cities. The app also negates the need for specialised telemedicine suites – all that’s needed is a BlackBerry!

The app allows patients, doctors, specialists and rural hospitals to participate in long-distance consultations, diagnosis and opinion-sharing, all secured by the BlackBerry platform. BBM Video enables video sessions between clinical staff, patients and specialists, all secured through BES, which ensures sensitive patient data is kept private and also provides secure connectivity to medical databases and systems.

In choosing the winners of this year’s Aecus Innovation Awards, case studies from leading suppliers were gathered in order to identify the best examples of ‘Innovation in Outsourcing’ before the awards were announced. BlackBerry winning this award proves the benefits of the telemedicine app in improving patient care and providing cost savings.

Aecus Managing Partner Rick Simmonds said this about the 2015 award winners:

“The crop of innovation awards last year showed that outsourcing really can achieve more than just cut costs. This year, our winners are demonstrating how the best client-supplier partnerships create new value – through commitment, collaboration and smart thinking, and often emerging technologies”

The awards and accolades for BlackBerry and its innovations seem to just keep rolling in! It would appear that Enterprises & Industries recognise what the General Public do not:

BlackBerry provides Power To Succeed!

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