BlackBerry Phone Shipments up 15%



The Globe and Mail is reporting that BlackBerry shipments have increased by 15% over the previous quarter. According to IDC, a research firm, BlackBerry shipped 1.5 million units in Q2, an increase from 1.3 million in Q1. Since the global smartphone market continues to grow, this rise kept BlackBerry’s global market share steady at 0.5% but did not increase it.

Do you think this increase is a sign that CEO John Chen’s leadership is beginning to yield results? This is the first quarterly gain in sales since Q2 2013. I’m definitely interested to see how the rest of the year plays out, with the release of the Passport and Classic, aren’t you?

  • web99

    Thanks for the post, Emstar. It’s definitely positive news for BlackBerry. My feeling is that the next quarter with the release of the Passport and the Classic will see a further increase in shipped devices.

  • Tracmila

    I am definitely seeing more BB10s whenever out and about. It will take at least another two years with constant new devices before we see the tide turning in a significant way. But as Chen said it just takes that one flash in the pan device. I have a feeling maybe the Z50. BB have been working on it for a long time now. I dont think its going to be the average high specked slab. Zero margin for error. Chen knows the game.

  • bartron

    It’s definitely partly a result of Chen taking over. Some of the stuff was apparently started before Chen took over (e.g. the deal with Foxconn, and I’ll bet the core tech of the Passport was also developed before Chen took over.) But the finances, strategy, PR and marketing has been Chen’s doing.

    The Passport, Z3 and Z3 LTE will be successful. It’s just a matter of BB being able to weather the beating they’re getting from the press and bloggers in North America and the UK. The American carriers seem to finally be on BB’s side, which is a huge plus, since the North American market still relies on carriers to sell devices, unfortunately.

  • Anthony

    John’s leadership is yielding results. Confidence is being restored. He laid-out a doable plan; fail to plan, plan to fail baby!

    The Z3 isn’t a high spec device. An LTE Z3 will be exciting if it’s inexpensive. locco_smiley_1 Can they make a $200 LTE device.