BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Sold Out!


It was just this morning that BlackBerry announced and made available the new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. The update to the amazing BlackBerry Passport left a few people questioning why? Why a redesign? Why release the same phone. Those people don’t matter.

What does matter is the overwhelming response of those that I read today loving the looks of the phone. Those like me that didn’t think it was possible to make the Passport in to a nicer phone, and then were in awe when BlackBerry did it. And apparently there were quite a few that felt that way, as the BlackBerry Silver Edition sold out in what has to be record time.


And before the naysayers start in, no, I don’t know how many BlackBerry made available in initial stock. However, BlackBerry saw how the original Passport sold out, and I’m willing to bet a decent number of these phones sold today. I know two members of UTB that ran to push the order button.

More BlackBerry in the hands of the public. More BlackBerry phones that users can show to users of other platforms. Why did BlackBerry release a second version of the Passport? To sell them of course. And they did just that.


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  • Robert

    “I know two members of UTB that ran to push the order button.”

    Yeah baby…I got my order in early. locco_smiley_37

    Now how do I explain it to the wife???

  • Anthony

    If the speakers are larger I’ll buy one. locco_smiley_7

  • Berry_Goooood

    And of course the usual butthurt losers that can’t stand to see BBRY have any success whatsoever have already broken out the “yay, they sold all 50 on the first day”. SMFH

  • Just as an FYI, they have updated the store counts (or product) and you can buy the bundle once again. It was down all last night but this morning it became available again (and we were able to purchase one).

  • shanerredflag

    Way too nice to pass up…ordered one. (even though I will likely continue to use my Classic as the daily driver).