BlackBerry Passport Officially getting OS!

Updates are nice.
Updates are nice.

When I wake up in the morning, there is a list of things that I check on my BlackBerry. They are app updates, beta updates, channels news, the weather, unanswered BBMs from overnight and lastly OS updates.

I check OS updates last because they don’t happen as often as you would like, but today was one of those rare days. There was an update waiting for me to download, OS to be precise.

Unfortunately there isn’t a change log to be found (not yet at least) so if I would guess, it would probably be all behind the scenes stuff.

If you’re a lucky Passport owner and you’re on the official OS then pull down your quick settings shade, tap on settings, scroll down to software updates and check if you have it.

If you find anything new or notice anything, for better or worse, please let us know in the comments. Knowledge is power.