BlackBerry Passport Killed the Blogger’s Bag

August 1st, 1981 at 12:01am, MTV was born. The first video played was Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles, and the music industry was forever changed.

On February 20th, 2015 at 9:00am I walked in to my local AT&T store to purchase the BlackBerry Passport, and my online life was forever changed.

The BlackBerry Passport killed the blogger’s bag.

I have a bag, a bag that has seen a lot of miles with me since the beginning of UTB. I jokingly call it my blogger’s bag. I keep in that bag all the tools I used in working on the site. I have a Samsung Windows tablet with keyboard dock that I would use for most my writing. I have a smaller Dell Window’s tab that I would use for editing and publishing other people’s post. I have a Microsoft bluetooth keyboard that I would use with the Dell. Charging cables for each, and a couple of battery packs. I was ready for everything.


On top of this bag, I carried two BlackBerry phones. A Z10 and a Q5. I could do everything on these phones that I would use the tabs for, but most times, it was easier to use the tablets. And honestly, it felt good to carry that bag. Perhaps it gave me a feeling of importance? Actually, I think it was more along the lines of justifying the purchase of the various gadgets.

When I first got my Passport, I continued to carry the blogger’s bag. The Passport keyboard did have a bit of a learning curve for me. Coming from a Q5 and moving up to a Passport, I’ll admit for the first few days my thumbs hurt! And it took a good two weeks before my speed on the Passport matched my speed on my Q5.

I had wanted the BlackBerry Passport since it was first released, but I was in no real rush to get it. It had a wide screen, I saw all the ‘work wide’ slogans, and thought great, a bigger screen. But as I had moved from using a Z10 to primarily a Q5, obviously screen size was not as important to me. It had a physical keyboard, great, I already had one on my Q5. It had a capacitive keyboard so I could swipe words up, also great, but I had never used that feature on my Z10 unless I was showing someone how it worked. It had great specs. But my low spec Q5 had no issues running the most current versions of BB10. In short, I wanted the Passport, but didn’t feel I needed it. And was content to wait on principle until my carrier decided to actually carry the device they promised they would.

Once I got my Passport, I was extremely angry with myself for waiting. The wide screen is much more than just larger. Something is different in the scaling. I’m sure I can’t explain it right, but let me just state that things that were a chore to do on my other two phones can be done with ease on my Passport. The keyboard of the Passport, cannot be compared to any previous keyboard. It is without a doubt the best keyboard ever put on a phone. And the specs? I don’t know. BB10 runs great and smooth! Just like it did on my Z10 and Q5. Although rebooting seems to go so fast!

Once I was used to using the Passport and the keyboard, I noticed I wasn’t reaching for my tablets as often, and soon wasn’t reaching for them at all. I remember sitting at home one day, working on a blog post on my Passport, and realized that I had left my blogger’s bag in my car several days earlier. And when I went and took it out of my car, and pulled out my tablets, all the batteries were dead and needed recharging. That never happened before. I always kept them charged and ready to go.

The Passport had completely taken the place of my various devices. The blogger’s bag that I had been so proud of had been rendered useless by my phone. And now my travel companion, my blogger’s bag, sits at home, retired in a corner. I have a new travel companion now, aptly named the Passport. And it has been my ticket to a whole new realm of mobile computing.


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