BlackBerry Passport is now in stock at UK Amazon …Get it while you can!


For those BlackBerry fans in the UK who have been wanting to buy the BlackBerry Passport, there is some good news.  This morning I was browsing through the Amazon UK website and they are now in stock at £500.99 and free one day delivery for those in the UK who choose to buy their phones on contract.  The advertised contract price was £0.00 down and from £35.00 to £38.00 a month with O2, depending on whether it is a new contract or an upgrade contract.

I did look at the reviews from customers who had bought this device and out of 29 posted reviews, 28 of them gave this device 5 stars.  Below is what some of the customers had to say about their new BlackBerry Passport.

Source: Amazon UK


Source: Amazon UK

Really well made superb device
By Sales Ventures on 13 Oct 2014

Really high end build, doesn’t feel fragile like an iPhone so you are not in an immediate panic to buy a case. Screen and keyboard are great, battery lasts, and the blackberry blend software which duplicates your phone functionality on a pc or mac is genius. I have swapped from an HTC one and aside from it being a touch heavy I can’t find any reason to go back. One or two apps are tricky to find so maybe check this aspect.

BlackBerry Passport – Work and play without a charge !
By G&T on 6 Oct 2014

After trawling the shops and constantly finding it sold out everywhere , i finally got my hands on this device .I must admit it was well worth the wait and can see why its been snapped up ! Does everything a real smartphone should and so much more

Great to view anything on the big screen and ive managed to get all the apps I need as well !

Getting plenty of time with the battery no need to worry about a spare or carrying a charger as ive never had to charge it twice in the same day !

So if you want a device which gets all your tasks done at work , and still has enough battery to play as well get yourself a Passport you wont regret it

Blackberry moves the game to a new level.
By Mr M Brialey on 7 Oct 2014

This phone is a game changer for Blackberry. I’m absolutely in awe of mine and find myself showing it to everyone I meet. I’ve used just about every make of phone in the past but as soon as I saw the Passport I just had to have one.

The screen shape is totally logical for maps, browsing, reading and the spreadsheets that my boss sends me.
Don’t get me started on the amazing keyboard, touch sensitive, how have they done that, it’s almost magic.
The battery life is a real bonus, the phone goes well past a full day, often well into the next. I like to think that I use my phone for business and pleasure and this phone works perfectly for me in both areas. Would I recommend it to people, “totally”, 100%.

Awesome BlackBerry Passport!!!
By Chris Reilly on 6 Oct 2014

This device sets a new standard and it’s great to see someone do something that isn’t just the same old same old. It seems like every smartphone on the market today is the same as the next one – not my BlackBerry Passport!

First of all, that screen is brilliant for web browsing, reading books or for messaging. I send a lot of messages, so I need a proper keyboard and this one doesn’t disappoint. I love the fact that it also acts as a mouse so that I can navigate easily or just scroll down pages, it’s very cool.

I’m also finding that the battery just goes and goes, I’m getting two days at least, sometimes more between charges, now that is impressive!

Now that BlackBerry have finally bridged the application gap with the Amazon app store, I’m loving the Android apps that I can now get – my Passport does everything that I need, it’s awesome and I can’t recommend it enough.

The Blackberry Passport is brilliant, fast
By E J Hulftegger on 19 Oct 2014

The Blackberry Passport is brilliant, fast, well built, with excellent sound and a fantastic screen. The Keyboard is also very clever and easy to type on.

Perfect for any busy professional
By Jon Emmett on 14 Oct 2014

I want to keep the review short and sweet, simply put this is the device I have been waiting for, I spend a huge amount of my time away from my desk but often have many emails to review: this device is absolutely perfect for any busy professional.


Link to the Complete list of BlackBerry Passport specifications (

So there you have it folks.  These Amazon UK customers who have purchased their BlackBerry Passports are obviously pleased with their devices and have all admitted that their lives are more productive with them.  For those BlackBerry fans in the UK who have not yet been able to order your Passports, now is the perfect time!  For those who have migrated to other platforms, but are dissatisfied and are giving BlackBerry a second look, there is not a better time to come #BackToBlack

If you have recently purchased or even tried out the new BlackBerry Passport device we would love to hear about your experience and your opinion on it.  Please let us know in the comments below.




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