BlackBerry Passport, Bringing Excitement Back


I am a gadget junkie, and my favorite gadgets are my BlackBerry devices. My next favorite devices, are peripherals I use with my BlackBerries. I’m constantly looking for my next toy. And I realized the other day, that I hadn’t been looking at a BlackBerry device as my next toy. Don’t get me wrong, my dedication to BlackBerry hasn’t wavered. At  no point have I considered getting a gold iPhone nor a bright yellow Nokia. Every BlackBerry OS update, I can’t wait to get, an update for BBM? I’m jumping on it. Even a new sticker pack? I have to stop what I’m doing so I can go see what it is. But device? I just haven’t been feeling it.

The last phone I was excited about was the Z10. I read everything I could about it. And probably like most of us here, when I first go my hands on one, I didn’t need anyone showing me how to do anything, because I already knew due to over researching it. I was beyond excited for that Z10, and it lived up to everything I’ve wanted. Now, originally, I wanted a Q10, but it was a late arrival, and by the time I was able to actually get one, I had a Z10 that I was in love with, and had no real desire for a Q10.

Fast forward to the Z30. Yes, I know, it is the best cell phone currently on the market (and yes, it is), but as I said, I had a Z10, and in this noggin of mine, the Z30 just came across as a slightly larger, better spec’ed Z10. Also, being an American on AT&T, getting a Z30 meant a bit of trouble and high cost, so I passed it by. What excited me about the release of the Z30, wasn’t the device itself, but the updated OS, which I was easily able to obtain on my Z10.

When the initial pictures of the mocked up Passport started making their way through the internets, I’m sure I felt the same way most did. “What are they thinking?!” was I think my first words when I saw the initial pics. It was truly an odd looking device, the keyboard was obviously not the what the finished product would be, and the square screen had me thinking of a Q10 with a slimmed down keyboard. I knew at that point I wouldn’t be speaking about the Passport until I saw what the production model looked like.

And then it appeared. The keyboard looked much nicer. I was now able to judge the size better seeing it in hand. The black and silver was damned sexy. And then, hearing how the keyboard actually worked. That is a game changer! There is no mistaking the Passport for a larger Q10. This is a new machine altogether. Unlike anything out there on the market, BlackBerry or otherwise.

And yesterday, I felt it. Something I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t felt in a while. Excitement. True gadget loving geek excitement. This wasn’t an “oh good, BlackBerry has a new device coming out” excitement. This was “I must own this!” excitement. To me, one of the things I love about gadgets in general, and BlackBerry in particular, is getting something that changes the way I do things, changes it for the better. And I see the Passport doing this in a big way for me.

We’ve seen many articles with people giving their opinion on the Passport, both good and bad. And at this point, I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks about the Passport. I just want to get one in my hands!


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