BlackBerry Passport Back In Stock At Shop BlackBerry *UPDATED* and NOW AT 15% OFF



***UPDATED*** There’s currently a 15% off code for ShopBlackBerry:  SHOPBBSAVE15  …So drop your clocks and grab your socks boys, get yourselves a passport at a discount!

If you are in the US or Canada there’s good news, the BlackBerry Passport is back in stock at Shop BlackBerry.

Unfortunately there’s no extra stock as yet for UK, French or German customers so we would suggest that if you want one (and you do!) order as quickly as possible from the links below as they won’t be there long!

US: Shop BlackBerry US
Can: Shop BlackBerry Canada

One word of advice for US customers, we’re swiftly coming round to the idea that your carriers won’t change their ways until it hurts them in the pocket so don’t feel shy (if you can afford it) to go grab your Passport SIM free and unlocked.

If they don’t care about giving you the product you want then it’s not worth caring about them.

And you can use whichever company you want.

How’s that for Uncarrier?

Now, what are you reading this for?

They’ll go quick so go, go, go!


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